Saturday, 19 December 2009


Hi there!

This is my first blog.

I was inspired to make one as those blogs I have been reading did inspire me a lot to pursue my dream... that is to become an air cabin crew.

It was my dream when I was in the grade years. I remember, it was my mom who introduced this profession (shall we call it profession?) to me as she worked before for an air cabin crew, she used to say, 'stewardess'..My mom did encouraged me telling me all the perks you can get as a stewardess and thus I was young and mesmerized and told myself, I WILL BE A STEWARDESS WHEN I WILL GROW UP.

Things changed as life unfolds. I forgot about the stewardess thingy, i wanted to be a lawyer then I wanted to be a doctor, then I wanted to be a news caster...everything, i wanted to be everything! And I was lost.

Upon stepping college,I enrolled mass communication then I changed my mind, I wanted to work with children. I then shifted my course to Special Education. I was already in my second year when my dad who works as a nurse in england asked me and my siblings to finally follow him as things has been approved.

Things are now different. I am now in one of the universities here taking up a learning disability course.I should be finished this school year. I love my I so called 'vocation' as I do find fulfillment and happiness doing it. i find it challenging, hardwwork but lots and lots of fun.

Suddenly,I was helping my friend to book for her flight for a holiday when an advert popped out "want to be a cabin crew?" and BINGO! I was reminded!

I decided to finish my university then give it a try. I began surfing on the 'how's and what' of applying as a cabin crew. I come to find out that a lot of Filipinas in my age are persistent with applying to be one. I got inspired. But I got disspirited finding out how tough the screening is..

I was trying to find out if I could do it here, but then they require for their nationality passport. I decided to go home and give it a try.

But if things change, only the future can tell.

Go FA aspirants! I wish to join you all flying high!